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Trw steering box adjustment screw

The rack & pinion converts the rotational motion of the steering wheel into turning motion at the front wheels. The name refers to the 2 gears that mesh inside the rack & pinion housing. The rack gear is housed in a metal tube attached to the chassis.The ends of the rack gear are connected to tie-rods, which are attached to the steering knuckles/spindles where the wheels are mounted.

3. If steering does not have a bleed screw or if it is not located on the top of the gear, turning stop to stop several times should remove air from system providing that the stops are properly adjusted. 4. If your vehicle is equipped with a slave box, do not forget to bleed it as well. It is recommended to. Wheel alignment is defined as the correct adjustment of the pivot axes controlling the movement of the wheels. The wheels alignment, therefore, refers to the correct positioning of the front wheels and steering mechanism for the promotion ease of steering, reducing tyre wear to a minimum as well as providing directional stability to the vehicle.

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- Wheels in straight-ahead position. Turning the steering wheel back and forth (approx. 30 off center axis) will produce a rattling noise if steering play is too large. - Loosen lock nut, counterhold using 3315/9 . - Carefully turn adjustment screw - arrow - until rattling noise in vehicle interior cannot be heard anymore. - Tighten lock nut.

All measurements must be taken with the vehicle in an unloaded condition, and the steering axle and drive axle(s) on a level surface. Right hand and left hand caster readings should not vary by more than 0.5° (1 mm/m) from side to side (cross caster). Do not bend the axle or otherwise try to adjust to adjust the caster angle.

Steering Box. MARKED 4. TRW. 1PCS 5003969 2. 2WD. For Marking, see Identification Plate. Fits 850, C70, S70, V70. Ships from Volvo Parts Webstore, Oak Park IL. HOBURN LK5Y.

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